Break Into The Exclusive World Of 0-day Hunting For Profit

Next course begins: January 31st

Hacker bootcamps are bulls**t. Do you really think you can learn a deeply technical subject within 10 days? If you're serious about it then no. This is the work of a lifetime. If you're just looking to get a cert for that kushy job, this probably isn't for you. We are bringing military (DoD) and Intelligence agency level training to the masses..

After a decade in the game, we looked around and realized that there was no ecosystem to support serious security researchers. Twitter is limited, random blog posts are informative but sporadic and outdated, and Discord is riddled with script kiddies looking to make a big name for themselves. That ends now.

Welcome to our ecosystem. The ecosystem combines a series of courses that are meant to guide you towards understanding hunting, exploiting, and monetizing your zero days. You aren't just giving us cash for a course, that's almost useless - you're getting access to an exclusive community with private Discord channels exclusive to each level. We (_hyp3ri0n and his co-instructor) will be there to guide you on your journey. The martial arts theme isn't a gimmick, we are here to be your digital senseis as you move through your journey, constantly adjusting your posture, manner of thinking, and questioning everything we think we know about computers.

Green Belt - Zero Day Hunting

This is your initiation. You might wonder why we don't offer a "white belt." There are plenty of "training wheels" courses available and we can point you to them.
Our focus is bringing together researchers to create a movement of like-minded hackers. If that sounds like your bag, this is your place. The green belt is your jump off into the cold water. The initiation "test" is to take, complete, and understand our Zero Day Hunting course (scroll down to the bottom to register). This is the beginning of your journey. Scared? Don't worry! You're not alone, with the course comes access to an exclusive Discord channel where you can work and jive with others, including the instructors who will be there to answer your each and every question in a timely manner indefinitely. There is no time limit for understanding the material. Courses are given live, but a few days of intense training is not enough - you must practice the material along with your peers and instructors.

Purple Belt - Zero Day Development

You earn this level motherf**ker. Those who show exceptional understanding and who forge new paths are eligible. Come along to see how deepz the Rabbit Hole goes. The purple belt understands how to hunt for zero days effectively, and weaponize that information consistently. It is not for the faint of heart. This course is invite only. We currently only have 1 purple belt after almost a year of offering this class. It is not easy. You must work for it.

If you can cut the mustard, we will take notice. And don't worry about registration: we will reach out to you. You will gain access to exclusive material, tools, and a curated communication channel available only to purple belts and above.

Brown Belt - Zero Day Flow

Those who consistently demonstrate curiosity and brilliance will be invited to the next level. These are the folks who have proven themselves through not only their work, but also their contributions to the collective

Black Belt - #ZDFL

These are people doing groundbreaking research in the field. Individual paths will converge and diverge across time, but will reconvene to feed the next generation.