Do you need a partner on your project?

Well that’s handy, because we'd love to partner with you! We’re open to any contracting configuration that allows us to join forces, just ask us! We’re impact-motivated, easy to work with, and we do superb work.

What are our credentials?

We’re voracious problem solvers with a broad range of experience. Our team has a combined 65+ years of professional experience, and more if you include all the side projects we do for fun! We have literally hundreds of tools and utilities that we’ve developed, most of which are Open Source. We have deep expertise in the following areas:

  • Dark Web Research (no FUD here, just research)
  • Web Application Design & Development (we build cool stuff)
  • Software System Rapid Prototyping (test ideas, fail fast, move on)
  • Machine Learning, Data Analysis & Visualization (smart and pretty)
  • Web Data Discovery & Retrieval (also known as web crawling and scraping)
  • Information Security & Exploit Writing (you may have heard this called 'hacking'...)
  • Penetration testing & Security Audits (for your software, your website, your entire company--anything, really!)
  • Past Performance

    We work under some of the most prestigious research institutions in the world, including the Defense and Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agencies (DARPA and IARPA, respectively). We are also well-known security researchers in our own right and have a steady stream of internally funded projects. In addition to R&D, we support several operational transition projects within the DoD and Civilian sectors.

    Want to partner with us?

    Send us your contact information and an overview of the project that you want to collaborate on!