Achieve constant security via simulating real hackers

Our read team as a service can be thought of as similar to an ongoing, constant penetration test. Commitments can be as low as 1 month and stretch all the way to a few years.

Hyperion Gray is not your typical red teaming organization. Few organizations out there can claim that they are the ones creating the most advanced red teaming tools in the world, or work for the most advanced security research agencies in the world. All of our testers can, including network hackers, web app hackers, 0-day hunters on a variety of platforms, and even hardware hackers. Take for example the largest database leak aggregator in the world, or created PunkSPIDER, the only mass web application scanning project targeting the entire Internet. We are also accomplished 0-day hunters teaching others to find bugs in and exploit the most modern, hardened operating systems. In short: we know our sh**. We live and breathe hacking. Combine this with our unparalleled knowledge of the dark web and it is easy to tell we are not your standard red team - we are far beyond the industry standard, the industry follows us. So if you're interested in getting nation-state grade red teaming, give us a shout with the form or hit up

Let us hack you before they hack you

Get owned before you get owned

Penetration tests are great, however they have a few issues. First, they do not provide a comprehensive review of the holes in your security, they are narrow and deep, but not wide. Furthermore, the rules of engagement (ROE) is generally built for tight timelines and limited to just the technology you would like tested. Though we do sign an ROE with you when red teaming, it is typically far less restrictive and for a far longer period of time. This allows us to break out of the box and attempt long-form, novel attacks including, but not limited to, intrusion detection evasion, phishing/social engineering, 0-day hunting against the technologies you use, and generally hit a wider scope of assets. We are a team of nation-state level hackers, we will not be simply running Metasploit or Core Impact against your environment, we will run through your environment with a fine-toothed comb (literally if we have to - though we haven't figured out how to weaponize combs.... yet).

Finally, we provide clear and honest pricing. There won't be any surprises when you sign up for a red teaming engagement with us. We don't "start at" a certain price. We provide a quote to you nigh immediately after you answer a few questions. Once we get started, We provide you weekly updates on our ongoing attempts to break you and can, upon request, provide a full report on what we have tried, what has been successful, what has failed, and reports on what the weak parts of your organization are and how to fix them.

Should your organization desire or require, we even go as far as hardening applications built by third parties. Using our 0-day hunting expertise to find new vulnerabilities, even ones in hardened, sophisticated software, we can prevent incidents from occurring ever again. We at Hyperion Gray make clear that we are all on the same team trying to support your assets, and even though this is a war game (and make no mistake we are in a digital war), at the end of the day our aim is to provide you with defense-in-depth security that will stop us from getting in.

Meet the team.

Our security experts are extremely talented hackers of the highest level, everyone on our team has experience as security researchers for the most advanced defense and intelligence agencies in the world. we are also known security experts who have released the most novel in defense research.

Our senior security architect, Alejandro (Alex) Caceres, has years of experience conducting pen tests for government agencies and the private sector alike. Alex is an active security researcher and trainer:

We are based in the U.S., Canada, and Australia with the ability to call on linguists for any additional international needs. We are here for you whether it be for remote work or travel.

Alex Caceres

Jason Hopper

Mary Mackintosh

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Finding the right red team can be a daunting task. We are here for your every step of the way. If Hyperion Gray is not the right fit, we will point you in the right direction. Our goal is security for all, and if we aren't the best ones to provide it to you, we will be upfront about it. Even if you want us to vet another team or provide recommendations, feel free to contact us, we don't bite.

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